Richard, Syama and Dhyana Masla are the co founders of the YogaVeda School of Yoga & Ayurveda. Their synergy brings together the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. The creation of the YogaVeda Yoga School is a dream come true for them, a place where you may learn a holistic approach to life based on the ancient principles of Yoga and Ayurveda.


Students from YogaVeda have found they are able to transform their original reason for beginning yoga into an intention to strengthen their spiritual practice. There is an intention behind every action we take in life. Pure intention is fundamental not just in yoga but to your entire life. It is our belief that with intention comes transformation. Connect to a deep source of inspiration as you gain the ability to guide others into theirs.


YogaVeda School of Yoga & Ayurveda in nestled in the quaint town of Alachua, Florida. Reconnect with nature. Our school is surrounded by hiking and biking trails, crystal springs, and many opportunities to find peace and serenity with the earth. Be in nature, make heart to heart connections with community, enjoy pure and whole foods, all which help you embody oneness with the self. We are here to provide a nurturing environment and help you embody your most INSPIRED self.


Philosophy and Teaching styles

The journey in life is long. YogaVeda School of Yoga & Ayurveda certification programs give you the tools to grow in both you personal and professional life. The elements that create YogaVeda School is our desire for personal relationships and an atmosphere of family and love. Our small and intimate school allows you to not only learn to become a yoga teacher but to learn to become your most complete and full self. We celebrate each meal, each moment and each student.

Our course includes the study of teachings asana, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, yogic anatomy, yogic history and philosophy. You will also learn about yogic diet and lifestyle, and Ayurveda. The program includes 200 hours (180 contact hours plus personal study.)


Daily meditation is a requirement of this 200 hour yoga course. Meditation teaches us to stop identifying with the body. Meditation is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. It is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind.

It requires you to focus your mind at one point and make your mind still in order to perceive the 'self'. We feel meditation and daily journaling is essential to the training course. In the silence of the self is where you will cultivate your deepest inspiration to teach others.



200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum


  • History and Philosophy of Yoga

  • Hands on Assisting and Adjustments

  • Mediation

  • Detailed Study of Posture and Modifications

  • Appropriate use of props in practice

  • Yoga teacher ethics

  • Sanskrit names of each Asana

  • Marketing and Business of Yoga

  • Giving clear and precise instructions through words

  • Pranayama

  • Physical effects of yoga on the body

  • Hands on teaching

  • Kirtan and Chanting

  • Prevention of Injuries

  • Assisting and teaching students with physical injuries or limitations

  • Class sequencing and creating a flow

  • Class planning

  • Specialized Yoga: Kids, Prenatal, Seniors etc.

  • Western anatomy

  • Yogic and esoteric anatomy

  • Study of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras

  • Yogic Diet and Lifestyle

  • Ayurveda

Multiple opportunities to practice teaching will be given. You will have the chance to apply what you have learned and teach group classes at our studio. 





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Yoga School Florida

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
YogaVeda School of Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Locations: Alachua, Florida & New York City


Summer Immersion 

July 8-28, 2019 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Alachua, Florida
6 days per week 6:45 am - 5:30 pm - 18 Day Intensive     Yoga Alliance Certified Training


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Alachua Florida

One weekend a Month for 8 Months

Date for 8 Month Training 

2019 - 2020 dates:

  • October 5&6

  • Nov 2&3

  • Dec 7&8

  • Jan 11&12

  • Feb 15&16

  • March 14&15

  • April 4&5

  • April 25&26 Graduation


Tuition: $3200 - 

vegetarian meals included             

Payment Plans and Rooms available

First 5 Students $2500 (must be paid in full)


  • $1,000 Non-efundable deposit due upon acceptance

  • Full Tuition is due ONE week prior to school start date

  • $1,000 deposit is forfeited upon cancellation

  • Refund window closes 3 weeks prior to school start date; all monies forfeited thereafter

1 weekend per month

Vegetarian meals included            

Payment Plans and Rooms available



YogaVeda School of Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training is based on the desire to serve others. Making the decision to become a certified yoga teacher allows you to create a life where your work and spiritual practice can become one. 



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