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Rediscover peace, optimal health & inner fulfillment through Ayurveda's process of healing.
Book from one of our retreats below or call us to discover how we can best serve you. 
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Whole Human PK Immersion

Panchakarma (PK), Ayurveda’s most thorough healing protocol, has been transforming peoples health and wellbeing for centuries. We are grateful to see these positive effects continuing in the lives of our guests every day.​

Whole Human Immersion takes all of Ayurveda’s traditional healing treatments and adds life transforming daily classes, meditations, nature outings, vision casting, goal setting and a group experiences that share all of the gifts that we have to offer for the most impactful 7 day all inclusive healing experience of your life.

August 19 - 26th, 2023

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Panchakarma Retreat

Panchakarma, at the heart of Ayurvedic healing practices, removes toxins from the body, facilitates transformative healing and leaves the body and mind deeply relaxed and rejuvenated in all ways.


This gentle process starts with an online consultation by one of our in-house Ayurvedic practitioners to clarify your individual health goals, understand your unique body type and guide your pre-cleansing process. From there, we co-create your individualized treatment program, including take home dietary and lifestyle practices.


Dates are available throughout the year according to your availability. 

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Wellness Retreat

Fully rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with a daily morning yoga flow/meditation & breath-work, and wellness classes plus three nourishing Ayurvedic meals in a tranquil and healing environment.

This is for guests that want to sample our services or have the preference to build their own experience from scratch.

Dates are available throughout the year according to your preference. 

Lori From New York, NY

"It was if all of the kindness that I had given throughout my entire life were repaid to me during my 7 day retreat."

Gary From Pittsburgh, PA

"I am departing in much better physical, mental and spiritual condition then when I arrived. It felt like family. The entire experience was truly rewarding."

Margaret From St. Pete, FL

I was so stressed from work that I chose Ayurveda Health Retreat almost as a drowning man would a life rope. I was stressed and in physical and mental pain and desperate. I am amazed at the rejuvenation the past 5 days has given me. I wouldn't have believed so many changes were possible so quickly. I feel reborn and I will definitely be back again and again.

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