Ayurveda Life

Coaching Program 

" Together, we are here to support you on your journey to the true health of body, mind, and spirit. The life of your dreams is on the horizon. "

Welcome to the Ayurveda Life Coaching Program! At the Ayurveda Health Retreat, we are passionate about guiding people back to a life of health, happiness, and balance. We realize that after leaving the retreat and going back to “regular life”, there may be quite a difference between what you experienced here, and where your life is currently at. Without support, many people tend to fall back into their old habits of stressful, unwholesome living. This is where we can help.
All of us at Ayurveda Health Retreat have been on this journey for some time, and would love for you to join the community! It is our most sincere wish that you experience the health, happiness, and joy that is possible in your life. Our Ayurveda Life Coaches will take you there.
​  Many topics will be covered, including stress management, healthy habits, diet, lifestyle, relationships, and daily and seasonal healing routines. We will also identify and help you to clear mental and emotional blocks, and support you in integrating your current life with the ideal of a balanced Ayurveda-Yoga lifestyle.
Empower Yourself!

Included in your Ayurveda Life Coaching Package:


*Personalized professional coaching

*Ongoing connection with an Ayurvedic professional

*A complete body-mind-spirit total health program

*A system of powerful lifestyle practices for peak health

*Spiritual support and mentorship

*Connection to community

*A reliable system of personal transformation

*The encouragement, guidance, and mentorship necessary for true positive change in your life

Ayurveda Life Coaching Packages:


   Three Month Coaching Package: $1195

Six Month Coaching Package:




*1.5 hour initial consult and vision session

*Twice monthly 1 hour personalized coaching sessions

*Anytime e-mail support

*Three part “Discovering Ayurveda” course

 " We will look at all aspects of your life to enhance your strengths and identify areas of challenge. We will create a vision and plan for the life of your dreams, and will then gradually integrate the Ayurveda-Yoga lifestyle into your current life in a way that is sustainable for you. "
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Sonia Lopez
B.A. (Communication), Ayurveda Wellness and Transformative Coach, Yoga Teacher, Certified Nursing Assistant, Bhakti Yogini.
Omi Brochure.jpeg
Omi Czenstochouski
Ayurvedic Practitioner (Kerala Ayurveda Academy), Ayurveda Life Coach.