Our Yoga Teachers

Ceilah Barnes

About me: Born in Montana but moved constantly as the daughter of a military officer​

Practicing Yoga since: 2007

Teaching yoga since: 2016

Teaching at AHR since: 2016

Yoga school: YogaVeda. Alachua, FL

Yoga certifications: Reusi Dat Ton Thai Yoga (hermit's holistic system) ; Cacaoga Guide, HIIT yoga

Getting into yoga: I was taking yoga classes here at OM studio and Alachua Fitness center with Shari King (amazing teacher!) to heal from my surgery. I loved how it made me feel physically and mentally.  Shari suggested I start teaching. I was selling cars at the time and my manager pulled me into the office one day and asked me what I dreamed of doing 20 years from now. I replied teaching yoga and he laughed. I walked out of the office and signed up to take YTT. I am so honored to be able to share this beautiful gift now with others.

Favorite posture (asana): Hanumanasana. First, because I love Hanuman! Second, I love hanumanasana because it inspires me to keep reaching for my dreams, taking that leap of faith. I reach my hands up to embrace Hanuman’s face and there is no doubt that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Favorite part of being a yogi: The Love! Seeing Krishna in everyone and everything.

Favorite Story with AHR guest: Each encounter with a guest is so unique and special that every moment is my favorite.

Emily Snyder

About me: Born in Madison, WI

Practicing Yoga since: 2007

Teaching yoga since: 2010

Teaching at AHR since: 2018

Yoga school: Yoga Passage, Calgary, Canada

Getting into yoga: I started a class in college and I never looked back. Yoga was an expansion of movement and having a background in dance, it was all I needed to fulfill my love for physical expression and spiritually. I feel that yoga brings me into a mindfulness and allows me to feel "human"

Favorite posture (asana): Forward bend. It's great for vata types and makes me feel safe and open

Favorite part of being a yogi: Getting to teach and learn from my fellow yogis

Favorite Story with AHR guest: ​When a guest shared that my class opened her heart

Ania Kruszewska – Ania has been teaching yoga since 2007. Her training stems mostly from the Kripalu style (a flow-type yoga emphasizing connection to the breath). She also draws from earlier Iyengar trainings for alignment and Ayurvedic knowledge.  Her class is geared toward new and intermediate yoga students, but advanced yogis can still receive the benefit of a heartfelt, loving practice.  All yogi’s will feel that powerful yogic change in their body with Ania’s class.

Richard Masla - Director of the Ayurveda Health Retreat, began practicing yoga at the age of 16 and has been teaching at the retreat since 2001. He often begins class playing guitar and singing a devotional song. His traditional style of yoga incorporates Asanas (poses), breath and meditation while integrating lessons from the Ayurveda and ancient yoga teachings during his gentle yoga practice.  Gratefulness and peace are common feelings after Richards classes.

  • Where are you from (country or city)?

  • When/where did you graduate YTT? Any certifications? What year did you start teaching yoga?

  • What year did you start teaching yoga at AHR?

  • Why/how did you get into teaching yoga?

  • Favorite asana and why?

  • Favorite part of being a yogi?

  • Favorite story with guest from teaching at AHR?


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