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Ayurveda Day Spa

Take the time to rejuvenate from your busy life...enjoy a day of healing at the Ayurveda Health Retreat.


Join us for a full or half day of pampering and deep relaxation, with yoga, delicious Ayurvedic meals and your choice of a la carte services and treatments.  


Full Day Spa: $150: Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, 1 yoga class & wellness workshop

Half Day Spa: $80: Includes breakfast & lunch & 1 yoga class or dinner & wellness workshop

All services are charged separately



Half Day Schedule- AM:
7:30am- Yoga Class
8:45am- Breakfast 
12:30pm- Lunch 


Full Day Schedule:

7:30am - Yoga Class 
8:45am - Breakfast 
9:30am - Treatment(s)
12:30pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Treatment(s)
6:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Wellness Workshop

Half Day Schedule- PM:

2:00 pm- Treatment(s) 

6:00 pm- Dinner

7:00 pm- Wellness Workshop

Please call to make your reservation: 352-870-7645

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