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+ Ayurvedic Cleanse & Rejuvenation Retreat

with Vira Tansey & Richard Masla

December x - x 2022 *Details Below

Florida Board of Nursing Approved 24 CE - 20-674413

To book this training call now, or schedule a call with us. We will also be able to answer any questions you have regarding the training to make sure its the right fit for you. 

The Healing Journey

Our Ayurveda school’s foundational philosophy is built on the belief that every person has the natural ability to heal. We acknowledge the importance of your own experience of transformation in order to support the transformation of another. Because of this, we build our training by first providing you with a powerful healing experience that will take you on a journey into your Self. You will heal in profound ways and experience a potential you may have never known before.

Naturally - from experiencing your own personal transformation - you will be equipped and genuinely moved to support others on their healing journey.
The world is in need of healing. 

This training will provide you with the experience and the tools that will allow you to share that priceless gifts of Ayurveda and Breathwork in your own unique and powerful way. You will reconnect to your innate healing gifts and leave this immersion feeling confident to share them with people in your life, whether it is adding them to an already existing wellness profession, sharing with loved ones, or developing a healing practice of your own.

What is Panchakarma Body Work?

Ayurveda is more than a healing system, it is a science of appropriate living which helps to achieve longevity. It also includes both purification and rejuvenation remedies. It guides all individuals to a proper choice of diet and lifestyle to restore balance in the body, mind and spirit thus preventing disease from gaining a foothold in the system.  


Panchakarma is a unique experience that leaves the mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Many illnesses result from the build-up of toxins in the body that can impair the functioning of its natural defenses, such as the lymph, circulatory, and immune systems.


Panchakarma promotes healing and restoration by eliminating these toxins from the body. However, unlike other detoxification programs, panchakarma is a gentle process that achieves deep cleansing without discomfort, allowing the rejuvenating energies of the body to flow freely.

Program Overview:

This program will provide a complete foundation of Panchakarma Body Work, in both the underlying philosophy and its practical application of therapies. You will be provided the tools to confidently share transformative lifestyle practices and self-healing therapies. You will leave refreshed and empowered after experiencing the effects of Panchakarma Body Work and your Ayurvedic retreat.

What to expect:

Ayurveda teaches us that in order to truly support others we must learn to heal and care for ourselves. In this training you will be receiving and sharing healing equally, experiencing the dynamic balance that an Ayurvedic lifestyle has to offer.

  • In person training & retreat

  • Interactive discussion and participation

  • Give and receive Marma with a partner guided by Vira & Yamuna

  • A safe space to heal and share your experience

  • Unimaginable personal growth and life transformation

What You Will Learn:

  • History, principles and Philosophy of Panchakarma

  • The foundational philosophy of Ayurveda as it applies to bodywork and cleansing therapies

  • Ayurvedic Yoga, Breathwork Pranayam, Guided Meditation morning routine

  • Daily practice providing and receiving Ayurvedic treatments in an intimate supportive small group setting

  • Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Four Handed Massage (and two-handed)

  • Swedhana - Ayurvedic Steam Treatment

  • Shirodhara - Ayurvedic Vata Balancing with Oil on Forehead

  • Nasya - Therapeutic Nasal Oil Treatment

  • Netra Basti - Therapeutic Eye Rejuvenation

  • Kati Basti - Therapeutic Lower Back Rejuvenation

  • Foundations of Ayurveda & Panchakarma

  • Pranic energetic healing technique

  • Pranayama (mind/body/breath connection)

  • Anatomy of the Breath

  • Physiology & Psychology of Prema Breathwork

  • Mantra & the healing power of Sound

  • Step by step Prema Breathwork process

  • Indications and Contraindications for Marma and Prema Breathwork

  • Learn to confidently give a traditional marma therapy treatment and facilitate Prema Breathwork for others.

  • Conscious principles for giving and receiving treatments in the right mood

  • How to create a sacred space and healing environment

  • Learn etiquette and how to effectively communicate with your clients

  • Learn Ayurveda practices for diet, hydration, exercise, breathing & meditation

  • Learn easy to prepare Ayurvedic healing | cleansing meals and home kitchen remedies 

  • Digestive health and treatments + the yoga of conscious eating

  • Personal Ayurvedic Self care practices

  • Learn time tested principles for how to kick start your very own Marma Therapy practice

  • Expect homework, personal projects, in-class presentations and karma yoga/ service 

  • All the life changing benefits that come from one week of healing Ayurvedic treatments diet and lifestyle

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