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Marma Therapy & Ayurvedic Self-Healing

Online Training


 This is a two-weekend, four-day training that will take place on the following weekends:


12 & 13

19 & 20

Learn some of the world’s most powerful and practical healing techniques with 

Vira Tansey

Our online sessions will be conducted via zoom. The teacher will email you 30-60 minutes before class starts to send the zoom link which you can use to access the live video. This link will be sent to your email address you enter on eventbrite or mindbody upon registration



  • Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation morning routine

  • History and Philosophy of Marma Therapy

  • Marma points in feet & hands

  • Marma Therapy body pressure points 

  • Pranic mantra healing techniques 

  • Learn to apply massage, acupressure, marma therapy to yourself in a safe & guided environment. Many of the self-applied practices may be applied to another person.

  • How to create a sacred healing space for yourself.

  • Ayurveda: Learn holistic lifestyle and self-care practices for diet, hydration, exercise, breathing & meditation.

  • Ideal morning and evening routines shared for holistic wellness.

  • Recipes shared for easy to make kitchen meals.

  • Discussion about self-healing routines for different situations and ailments.

  • Continued education available through online mentoring: Refine techniques and learn specific ways of applying the practices and principles to achieve the results you are seeking in your health and wellness. *Not included in the course fee



Level 1 Marma Therapy Certificate upon completion of the course.



9:00am – 5:00pm each day

all times are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)





What to expect:

  • No prior experience needed

  • Techniques demonstrated & then self-applied

  • Expert teacher to guide the practice

  • Online webinar

Included in price:

  • Marma Therapy Workbook 

  • Pyramid Mat

  • 1 big marma jimmy

  • 1 big marma roller

  • 1 small roller

  • Finger roller

  • Hands and feet points chart






$550 regular / $475 early bird (until August 15th)



In this training, you will learn how to press the marma points in your hands, feet, and several major points throughout your body to begin processing the stress and tension stored in your mind and physical body.  These practices can help bring an experience of health, ease, and relaxation into your life.


Stress is unavoidable. However, the way we process stress makes a world of difference in the quality of our life.  According to ancient yoga tradition, when we aren’t able to be present with the experience, that experience is stored in the subconscious mind and the tissues of our body as stress to be processed at a later time. Our body is porous like a sponge.  Energy and fluids move in and out of even our bones.


Marma Pressure points, massage, and breath put healthy pressure on the tissues of the body to release stress & bring fresh blood and energy to that part of the body, allowing ourselves to be relieved of tension.

About Vira: Vira is specially trained to offer Ayurveda to the western mind and body.  He is a fine-tuned specialist in assisting the removal of stress from one’s body, mind, and life. Trained in an ancient master-disciple lineage from India, Vira has become an expert practitioner in one of the world’s most powerful stress eliminating sciences, Marma Therapy.

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