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Sacred Peru Tour

Amazon and Cusco 

April 19 - May 4, 2020

Join Richard A Masla on a trip to the Amazon to learn sacred medicine practices with the Shipibo Indian Shamans.

During this life-changing adventure you will spend eight days on retreat working with Ayahuasca and then travel to Cusco, high in the Andes Mountains (11,000-14,000 ft). This Sacred Valley is the home of the ancient Inca civilization.

Your 16 day, ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE includes the following:

  • 8 nights near Pucalpa (4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies)

  • 4 nights in historical Cuzco 

  • 2 nights in Machu Picchu village - visit to Machu Picchu

  • 1 nights in Lima, Peru


Price Includes all airfares from USA and flights within Peru, along with your room and meals 


TOTAL PRICE: $5,900 all inclusive


A note from Richard: 


In 2013 I first visited the Amazon Jungle to study with the Shipibo Indian Shamans. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and one of the hardest. Living simply was not a problem. The trepidation came prior to evening ceremony before drinking the sacred ayahuasca brew. It was as if all my years of spiritual practice and meditation came to fruition in one night. Do or die, and yes I experienced my death and my subsequent birth back in the physical realm.

The past years of processing my journey has brought the conviction of the immense benefit of my experience with the Shipibo Indian healers. The Shipibo culture has existed for thousands of years in the Ucayali River basin of Peru. Their tradition of Ayahuasca healing is a cornerstone of their lives.

Everyone's experience is different with Aya, but the theme is always about healing - fine tuning of our character. If you choose to join us on the journey to Peru you must be in good health and not on any prescription medicines. There are some simple dietary and lifestyle requirements to begin a week before our departure.

The retreat center has electricity, running water, and comfortable rooms. All vegetarian meals. Yoga, herbal walks, flower baths and more.



Call us with any questions and to book your retreat: 352-870-7645

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