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Enter the New Year Refreshed by Resolving to Feel Happy

As the New Year rolls around most people take a moment to refresh their lives by making resolutions that could bring a new and improved sense of self." This year why not resolve to be happy? If you take a closer look at what we are hoping to achieve by any of our new year resolutions, often it is to feel happier and have a more fulfilling life. Certainly, this is a worthy outcome. But before you set forth on your new plan to experience deeper levels of fulfillment, consider asking yourself this question first: Is my happiness always a stone throw away? In other words, do I have a pattern in my thinking of "I will be happy when..."? For some of us, we go so far as to think, "I will be happy when I retire." Or "After I lose weight then I will be happy." It seems to me, that thinking "happiness is just around the corner" is a very easy trap to fall into. But the catch in this thinking pattern is it creates a built in gap between you and your happiness. In this framework, your happiness is controlled by something external and you just have to do A, B and C to get it back. But sadly, some people never quite get it because it is always out there somewhere. This kind of thinking is at the core of any unhealthy habit. "Oh if I eat this candy then I will feel good." "If I watch this T.V. show, then I will feel happy." Or "If I buy this item, then I will be satisfied." Sometimes this mode of operating over-stimulates the senses and makes it harder to even feel normal levels of fulfillment from everyday things. Instead of one piece of chocolate cake, now I need two. But on top of it all, I am now left with a sense of disappointment, that I over indulged and to no gain. Now I have a deeper void to fill and as in line with my thinking "happiness is out there somewhere", I now have to work even harder to bring it to me. Happiness is our natural state of being and is not the result of any external flickering cause. How about replacing thoughts such as "I will be happy when..." with "I am joyful by nature and I am always experiencing my inner joy" And "Happiness is my birthright." Or "I am always deeply fulfilled." Now from this state of consciousness go forth into your plan for renewal. If we think we will be happy by achieving our resolutions, imagine the level of fulfillment we will experience if we chose to be happy first and then set out to accomplish that task. If you have already achieved the intended emotional outcome then half the battle is already won. Now the physical accomplishment is the icing on the cake. If we live a healthy and balanced life while keeping our desires under control then it creates a foundation from which we can more easily experience our inner happiness. For more on Palika Trudeau, visit her website


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