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Creating Wellness Through Charity

Throughout the ages prominent personalities and philosophers have always encouraged acts of charity for a healthy society. By doing acts of charity we feed our inner qualities of joy, love, compassion, kindness, and generosity. If we give to others in a sincere mood of service, for the highest welfare of humanity, we nourish all the goodness within us and we feel alive as our higher self has an opportunity to be expressed. Both historically and culturally speaking, methods for achieving health, wealth and wisdom, have been documented, and cherished as valuable information. One such ancient system of the East is known as Ayurveda. This fascinating science classifies food and actions in three categories namely goodness, passion, and ignorance. Of these three categories, the mode of goodness is considered the highest because it nourishes and brings maximum energy. This results in an invigorated mind and body and brings a sense of harmony to ones inner and outer environment. Passion is considered the middle because although it is an important creative energy, when out of balance, it brings uncontrollable desires which results in frustration, anger and greed. Ignorance is considered the lowest of the three as it easily creates states of darkness and lethargy, inhibiting ones progress in life. Developing awareness of the system of Ayurveda gives freedom, which helps one navigate through life and make choices with conscious intention. Acts of charity given in a selfless mood, and performed with the intention for the highest good of humanity, elevates one to the mode of goodness. Additionally, Charitable giving allows us a built in mechanism where we can detach from material possessions, letting go of our fear and allowing ourselves to experience the law of nature: in giving we shall always receive. A healthy dose of detachment enhances our wealth experience. Ultimately we find a freedom in having financial abundance, yet if we are plagued with anxiety due to fear of losing our wealth, we are no longer present to the feelings of wellbeing and freedom that our money was intended to bring us. A few thoughts to remember: Charity in the mode of goodness (highest) Giving with out aim for personal profit and for the welfare of others, brings the most beneficial results both internally and externally. The higher mode (goodness) enables us to have freedom of choice rather than to be controlled by desires and environmental influences. The more we connect with the needs of others and engage in beneficial acts, the more we experience our own higher nature. Giving in charity helps one to detach from the material and temporary things of this world, meanwhile providing a deeper, internal feeling of satisfaction. For more on Palika Trudeau, visit her website

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