Sri Atma Gita

This is a beautiful Poem from the Bhagavat Purana written thousands of years ago. It is Krishna’s final discourse to his beloved disciple Uddhava, spoken on the eve of his departure from earth.

Sri Atma Gita

Om Sri Atma gita now I’ll sing

On hearing which a man is freed

That heart receptive to God’s word

Becomes the Lord Hari’s abode

On the wheel of change a man is turned

Until Sri Atma Gita’s heard

Even the place in which it’s sung

Becomes a sacred place of love

Oh man, seek thee the highest goal

Read or sing this song each day

True understanding thou wilt gain

And all past sins will fade away

To one who hears this song at death

A place on high and those who give

This song as gift are one with Him

Sri Krishna out of love bestows

Om O souls who yearn for truth!

Come sip Sri Krishna’s honeyed work

Who hears this song is freed from death

And gains the precious peace of God

Sri Krishna is speaking:

O noble Uddhava, remember my words

For I’ll not be around to remind you again

Give up all attachments, surrender your love

For this world of sense-objects, relations and friends

The feeling of “I” as a separate self

Must be given up if you wish to know truth

There’s only one Self which exists within all-

“Tis that very Self which you see as the world

The Self is the source of the whole universe

It fashions all forms of its own Consciousness

Though all forms are changing and soon fade away

The one conscious Self is forever the same

Therefore Uddhava, cling fast to the Self