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As a young 17 year old, I read Be Here Now, by Ram dass. This book in its simple way conveyed archaic wisdom from the Yoga tradition. I and millions of others were taken by the purity of heart he shared on his journey. He introduced me to my Guru, Neem Karoli Baba and the simple teaching to love everyone, serve everyone and remember God.

In my recent life Wayne Dyer has inspired me with his dynamic presentation of Univeral Truth. His approach to spirituality is disarming and filled with his personal understanding of the truths that are contained in the many spriritual and religious traditions from around the earth.

Wayne Dyer left this world in August 2015 and left a legacy of amazing books and teachings. I've admired watching Wayne evolve from a psychological basis for his teachings to a deep spiritual realization and understanding.

I am posting these wonderful videos for your viewing, enjoy.

I had the good fortune to be in Maui in August 2005 and be present at this event. Afterwards I was invited to attend a kirtan (songs glorifying God, Goddess) at Ram dass home, Wayne also attended. I was grateful for the opportunity to be there.

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