Agni - Digestive Fire

Agni - Digestive Fire

Agni is the root of the english world Ignite.

Agni is the creative fire of transformation behind all of life. Agni is also the name of the Hindu God of Fire. Agni is the ability to process all of our life, not only our food, but also our emotions and all of our life experiences. Holding onto anger, sadness or fear and not digesting them will create illness in you system as easily as undigested foods.

Agni is responsible for the bodies immunity. Strong Agni will destroy unhealthy bacteria (candida) in the stomach, large and small intestines.. Agni is also responsible for healthy digestive flora in the colon, hydrochloric acid in the stomach and bile secretions from the liver.

When Agni is low, food is undigested resulting in the creation of ama, a sticky substance that clogs the bodies internal channels. Ama will travel through the blood stream and lodge itself in a week organ or tissue, thus beginning the process of disease. We can now understand the importance of keeping the Agni strong and healthy.

Agni is improved by:

  • eating at regular times and not overeating

  • sipping hot water or ginger tea between meals

  • eating smaller meals

  • skipping a meal when you are not feeling hungry

  • begin your meal with a small piece of ginger root (size of a nickel) with lime juice salt and black pepper.

Agni is decreased by:

  • eating when your not hungry and eating to fast

  • eating old, stale and nutrition empty foods

  • drinking cold and iced water with your meals

  • watching TV or engaging in a heated discussion during mealtime

  • drinking coffee with or after your meals

  • using a microwave or eating to much frozen foods

4 Types of Agni

Sama Agni - Balanced Agni

These persons are blessed with good appetite and good digestion, assimilation and elimination.

They have a clear and happy state of mind and a strong immune system.

Vishama Agni - Irregular Metabolism

Vishama Agni is provoked by vata dosha therefore it is irregular, sometimes very strong and in another moment the fire appears to be extinguished. Symptoms may be gurgling in the stomach, gas, bloating, constipation and sometimes constipation and diarrhea. Emotionally Vishama Agni will cause high anxiety, fear and worry.

Tiksna Agni - Hyper Metabolism

Tiksna Agni is provoked by pitta dosha and is overactive. This will create an insatiable appetite and inability to skip a meal. You may even become angry if you don’t have food. Symptoms may be hyperacidity, indigestion, heartburn and even hot flashes, skin rashes, acne or hives. Emotionally Tiskna Agni will provoke frustration, anger, aggressiveness and sharp judgements of others and yourself.

Manda Agni - Hypo Metabolism

Manda Agni is influenced by kapha dosa. Excess kapha will suppress the digestive fire Agni, thus leaving it under active, slow and dull. This is experienced as heaviness in the stomach, body and mind. Emotionally there may be feelings of sadness, loneliness and depression.

We must be careful to keep our digestive fire strong and not accumulate ama. Ama will create illness in the body and the mind.

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