Shari King -  Shari teaches a Vinyasa Flow style of yoga and has practiced since 1995. Her background starts in Massachusetts with theater, dance and comedy.
Shari’s teaching style is grounded and nurturing while bringing a playful and lighthearted atmosphere to the class. Her flowing yoga sequences create a balanced practice that creates harmony in the body and leaves a happy smile on the face that lasts and lasts.

By the way….Shari earned her teaching certification right here at the Ayurveda Health Retreat in 2010 and WOW are we grateful!




Jenny Roberts – Jenny has been teaching Hatha Yoga for the past 15 years. She trained privately with E. Gray, with influence from Gita Iyengar.  Her class consists of Pranayama (breath) to center the mind, Asanas (poses)  to tone the body, and guided relaxation to harmonize the spirit. Jenny’s class is designed to suite novices as well as the seasoned yoga practitioner.  Jenny’s class is such a joy!




Kristen Crisp – Kristen teaches in the style of Classical Hatha yoga. She attended the National Yoga Institute in Chicago under the instruction of two amazing instructors, Livia Budrys  and Megan Dunne.   Kristen’s teaching style focuses on mindfulness, stress reduction and management, breath awareness, proper alignment, and yoga therapy all in a fun, educational and non-competitive atmosphere.  Kristen assists in creating the beautiful breath that will harmonize your OM!




Ania Kruszewska – Ania has been teaching yoga since 2007. Her training stems mostly from the Kripalu style (a flow-type yoga emphasizing connection to the breath). She also draws from earlier Iyengar trainings for alignment and Ayurvedic knowledge.  Her class is geared toward new and intermediate yoga students, but advanced yogis can still receive the benefit of a heartfelt, loving practice.  All yogi’s will feel that powerful yogic change in their body with Ania’s class.






Guest Yoga Teacher (or Richard Masla


Friday classes are usually lead by guest yoga teachers which at times include our very own yoga students, past or visiting teachers or our own practitioner,  Richard Masla!



Richard, Director for the Ayurveda Health Retreat, began practicing yoga at the age of 16 and has been teaching at the retreat since 2001. He often begins class playing guitar and singing a devotional song. His traditional style of yoga incorporates Asanas (poses), breath and meditation while integrating lessons from the Ayurveda and ancient yoga teachings during his gentle yoga practice.  Gratefulness and peace are common feelings after Richards classes.


Friday’s can get pretty full sometimes, so plan to arrive early to get your spot on the yoga room floor!





Our Yoga Teachers


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