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Ayurveda Weekend Workshop


Saturday and Sunday 

8am - 5pm


Early registration $199

After July 1st, $275

class limit 12


  • Learn Ayurveda

  • Balance your Doshas

  • Marma Therapy

  • Nasya Therapy 

  • Abhyanga

  • Warm Oil Synchronized Massage

  • Ayurveda Yoga and Selfcare


18 CEU's for Massage Therapists

Ayurvedic Breakfast and Lunch included.

Ayurveda Thanksgiving Retreat

November 20-26, 2016

  • Ayurveda Education Week

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • Ayurvedic massage 

  • Nature excursion

  • Vegetarian organic meals

  • Kirtan, meditation and great classes in Ayurveda & Yoga.


Amazing Offer - Only $1295


For more information 




18 CEU’s for Massage Therapists - 8 am - 5 pm Saturday & Sunday




Early Registration  $275 - Class Limit 12
Rooms Available       Ayurvedic breakfast & lunch included

This is a perfect Workshop for the beginner wanting to explore the wonderful healing qualities of Reiki. In this workshop you will be attuned to a beautiful energy that will assist you in becoming personally empowered to take your health, healing and life into your own hands.


'Rei' means 'soul', 'Ki' 'energy'. Reiki uses neutral, concentrated cosmic energy (Univeral Life Force) to balance body, mind and spirit. 

It is powerful, but safe and relaxing body work involving one-to-one therapeutic whole-body treatment.

It flows to blocked areas, charging them with positive energy. It transforms negative thoughts and feelings as it clears and heals energy paths. 

Reiki balances the body to let Life Force flow naturally for overall wellness. It complements traditional medical treatment and accelerates recovery.


Reiki Level One Workshop

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