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Stories of Transformation

Before I came to the Ayurveda Health Retreat, I was a tired, angry,  and frustrated person, and my lower back was in pain. I knew a change was needed, but so much of what needed to change stayed in my head as an idea and the good things I did do would only give me temporary relief.

In my life, I never received the quality of genuine LOVE and care that the staff at the Ayurveda Health retreat provide. The classes, bodywork and meals were so helpful, but it's really the love and care with which they were given that was so transformative for me. The third day I felt this powerful sense of surrender. I finally let go and I dropped into the love, care and retreat experience fully.

After my 7 day experience at the Ayurveda health retreat, life is so much more simple. Simple in a sense that I feel so much more connected to ease, joy, grace and love in my life day to day. 

--Diana F.
Annapolis, Maryland

Before discovering the Ayurveda Health Retreat, I was experiencing health-related issues caused by stress and diet. I have chronic heartburn that has caused Barrett's esophagus IBS and anxiety.


I was under an extreme amount of stress - some from my busy life of working full time and having my adult daughter and my 3-year-old granddaughter live with us, and some from past trauma. I had been dealing with a lot of emotions: resentment, anger, fear, anxiety.


I had become addicted to medical marijuana which I started using at the beginning of the pandemic due to severe anxiety and also to help with my stomach issues. I knew for at least 8 months that I should quit, but only the last few weeks before I came to the retreat did I realize I couldn’t quit on my own, that it was a problem.​


I felt hopeless. I had tried to change my diet, but the rat race of life kept me going back to the quick unhealthy food choices I knew I wasn’t supposed to have. The stress caused me to use more marijuana, which then left me unable to deal with the stress, I only wanted to escape from life more. It was a vicious cycle.

I knew I had so much to appreciate in my life, but I couldn’t get myself to feel gratitude, I was miserable, feeling physically sick and depressed & anxious 90% of the time. I was not in a good place emotionally. ​


I didn’t know what to expect. I saw your retreat previously when I was searching for a yoga retreat. At that time and even when I came to your retreat I had no idea what panchakarma was.  I liked that your retreat offered yoga and healthy food and additional healing services. There was something so pure and genuine about everyone I interacted with at AHR. The biggest difference was the pure love and acceptance from everyone there. So much kindness, so much grace. And they were so gifted. They blessed me and healed me so much.


​I honestly feel like every treatment I had, and every interaction I had was a huge moment. But I would have to say when I had my first body treatment with Sunflower, cranial sacral massage, I could feel trauma releasing from my body, I could feel tightness involuntarily releasing from my body. This I could not deny. I physically felt something. 

My life is so different now in all aspects. I know that I met the Divine in a way I never have before. There’s so much healing and gratitude and a desire on my part to keep this feeling of love, gratitude, and peace.


The biggest difference is I am so grateful.


I have changed my schedule to accommodate meditation in the mornings, yoga in the mornings, healthy breakfast, I’m vegetarian, I try to eat healthy and Ayurvedic all the time. I’ve had some slip ups but only a few and I’m hoping they’re behind me. Because I feel so much better!!!!  I’m not trying for any other reason than it is a gift to myself. I used to have heartburn, stomach pain and bloating to the point where I looked 8 months pregnant!

I’ve given up coffee, caffeine and all the things my dr recommended I change in my diet 2 years earlier.


I’m only on one heartburn medication now, I was taking two.


I am not only clean from marijuana but I have no desire to use it. I don’t drink alcohol, I am happy being me and being present in my life. 


I am growing so much spiritually. I am learning to see God in everyone and my service to The Divine in everything I do.  I’m definitely not a saint and have to remind myself of what I have learned, but I am growing.


My marriage is better. All the stresses and the fact that I was intoxicated all the time was taking a toll on my marriage. I’m so grateful to have a husband who encouraged me to go to AHR and who is my best friend. Now I am a best friend to him again.


If I had to summarize I would say it changed my life. Changed me physically, emotionally, and spiritually and changed all my relationships. And that wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

--Michelle H.
Lakeland, Florida

I do not have words to describe my experience this week. I arrived with a body full of anxiety and sadness... It has opened up my eyes to what is truly important in my life. I feel lighter, content, and happy. I am truly excited for my future.


I highly recommend this amazing place with the wonderful people that work there. You all have a special place in my heart. I learned so much.

-Natasha B.

For some time now, I have needed to de-stress and energize. I am so glad I finally took a step towards my well-being. I learned so much about peace and harmony and how to make it a part of my existence. I have been meditating every morning since and my days are filled with affinity I didn't know was in me. Thank you my Ayurveda Health Retreat family! I loved every moment and I want to tell the world!

-Vivian M.

For I arrived at the Retreat struggling spiritually, emotionally, and physically. After my two-week Panchakarma stay I left well down the road to total transformation. I owe this to a staff unlike I've ever experienced before. Their compassion, devotion to service and love are unsurpassed in my experience. I plan on returning every year for more of the same. By far the best gift I have ever given myself. Than you Ayurveda Health Retreat!

-Lee A.

I can not wait to come back! I came here to receive panchakarma for eczema that was all over my hands and having a real negative impact on my life

I left with clear hands and more. I feel more present and calm than I have in my entire life, the resentments and negative self-talk I have had for so many years are not running the show anymore. The environment, treatments, and workshops are so deeply healing. The staff are so kind and attentive and the food delicious. I feel like a new person and am so grateful for my experience at Ayurveda Health Retreat.

-Cassandra F.

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