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It was if all of the kindness that I had given throughout my entire life were repaid to me during my 7 day retreat.

--Lori, Yoga Instructor 
New York, New York

Enlightening experience, my expectations were surpassed by the professionalism of the treatments, the wonderful music and the loving graciousness of the host.

--Ben, US Air Force
Panama City, Florida


My Panchakarma experience had a unique kind of sweetness, both enlivening and relaxing with a heightened awareness of Being, I felt cared for deeply and held in a loving space. It allowed and guided me to release layers of holding and patterning.

--Eric Diamond, PhD
Psychologist, Gainesville, FL


The experience was blissful! I felt that my therapists personified the love and care of the divine mother. Their gentle, loving approach brought deep healing to my heart.

Portland, OR


I would recommend the Ayurveda Health Retreat to all who would like to be touched by the hands of loving, pure, beautiful souls! A True, Authentic, Divine Experience!

Tampa, FL


This is a place to be with you and learn to love yourself again. The food was sensational! Thanks Rueben!

London, UK


I arrived feeling low and kind of pretty sorry for myself. From Dr Richard's warm greeting through every step of my treatments I could feel the veil of gloom lifting, and now 3 days later; I'm leaving feeling rejuvenated and most of all loved and honored. Thank you.

--Kathleen, Registered Nurse
Palm City, Florida

I am departing in much better physical, spiritual and overall mental condition then when I arrived. It felt like family. The entire experience was rewarding.

--Gary, Executive Fortune 500
Pittsburgh, PA


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