Guest Testimonials

What brought you to the Ayurveda Health Retreat?

This was my second visit to the retreat. Early last year I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis. My stress levels went up immensely and I was close to burn out. In October I was looking for a birthday gift for myself to unplug and relax. First I was thinking of going to Costa Rica and learn about yoga and meditation. A Google search showed me, I could have the same much closer, easier and more economical. I read pretty much every single review I could find and everything sounded very promising.


And it turned out to be true: it was 100% what I was looking for. If you are looking for a high end 5 star spa, this is not the place you want to visit, but if you look for amazing, loving people, super tasty and healthy food and simple but cozy and welcoming environment with lots of nature close by – this is it!


Kudos to Richard and his team, I work in the hospitality industry and I have honestly never seen a team like this before.


During my October visit I did the Ayurvedic Health Consultation and Richard confirmed the RA diagnosis and recommended 2 weeks Panchakarma. During my stay I had the pleasure to meet another guest with RA and could see how she got better - almost by the hour. I knew I had to find a way to take the time and save the money for the treatment. Beginning of March 2018 I finally was back.

Before (October 2017)

After 2 weeks Panchakarma treatment at AHR (March 2018)

What was your experience at the Retreat?

I have only good things to say about this little piece of Paradise. Everyone – and I mean every single person, Richard, the cleaning ladies, the managers, the cooks, the therapists, the interns - EVERYONE is amazing. They will do everything in their power to make your stay unforgettable. It seems like they are there for you at any time all the time, if needed. And the best: it never feels like they are working, it seems like it’s a true pleasure and a lifestyle for them to be there to make sure all the guests are happy. Panchakarma is a bit of a process and can get emotional and difficult at times, everyone is very empathetic and will make sure you are as comfortable as possible even during those hours or days. 


The therapists are all true healers and so different from your regular massage therapist. They really care and take their time for you. It is more than just a job. 


The food is amazing, even though I am not a vegetarian I had no cravings and did not “cheat” once during the 2 weeks. Everything is organic, prepared the same day and prepared with intention and love. They have several different cooks who take turns, that way it never gets boring.


The place is humble and very charming, everything is clean and organized all products used are high quality, organic and bio degradable.


I went home symptom free, with a lot more energy and a bag full of great memories and a lot new friends. And the best: it is close enough to go back at any time!!!

How did your AHR experience affect your life? 

My diet used to be pretty good before, I always try to buy organic and cook at home as much as possible. However, before I thought I had to have meat every day – now I know I can go for days without and I incorporate a lot of what I have seen at AHR. There is no day without ghee and items such as mung beans, ginger, CCF tea, turmeric, asafoetida, and nutritional yeast found their way into my pantry.


I am hoping to have learned to identify the red flags sooner and take time for myself before I get back to the point of being overworked, sleep deprived, stressed, in pain and miserable.


I have started incorporating Yoga, breathing and meditation in my daily (ok weekly for now) life and was able to get my husband to join me. This turns out to be a real treat in our busy days.

An Ode to visitors of 
the Ayurveda Health Retreat

Smell the incense, drink the tea,
Feel at home with some Kichari.
Let thy outside world fade away
And breathe the fresh air of this glorious day.

Nourish your body, mind and soul.
Read a book and take a long stroll,
Soothe away all thy stress.
For here, thy health thee will address.

Meditate. Practice Yoga. Rest. 
Let caring souls treat thee like family.
Sit by a river. Inscribe thoughts in thy journal. 
Rejuvenate in the cool springs. 
Allow healing oils to balance thee as delivered by hands rhythmically dancing on thy body wishing thee well.

Be still in thy heart 
And before thee depart 
Take time to feel grateful for this day.
Remember who thy are and want to be.
And never ever forget…
What thee seek also seeks thee.


An original poem by Marisa Jubis

It was if all of the kindness that I had given throughout my entire life were repaid to me during my 7 day retreat.

--Lori, Yoga Instructor 
New York, New York

Enlightening experience, my expectations were surpassed by the professionalism of the treatments, the wonderful music and the loving graciousness of the host.

--Ben, US Air Force
Panama City, Florida


My Panchakarma experience had a unique kind of sweetness, both enlivening and relaxing with a heightened awareness of Being, I felt cared for deeply and held in a loving space. It allowed and guided me to release layers of holding and patterning.

--Eric Diamond, PhD
Psychologist, Gainesville, FL


The experience was blissful! I felt that my therapists personified the love and care of the divine mother. Their gentle, loving approach brought deep healing to my heart.

Portland, OR


I would recommend the Ayurveda Health Retreat to all who would like to be touched by the hands of loving, pure, beautiful souls! A True, Authentic, Divine Experience!

Tampa, FL


This is a place to be with you and learn to love yourself again. The food was sensational! Thanks Rueben!

London, UK


I arrived feeling low and kind of pretty sorry for myself. From Dr Richard's warm greeting through every step of my treatments I could feel the veil of gloom lifting, and now 3 days later; I'm leaving feeling rejuvenated and most of all loved and honored. Thank you.

--Kathleen, Registered Nurse
Palm City, Florida


A health retreat that can't be beat from my head down to my feet.

--Harry, Massage Therapist
Palm Coast, Florida


I am departing in much better physical, spiritual and overall mental condition then when I arrived. It felt like family. The entire experience was rewarding.

--Gary, Executive Fortune 500
Pittsburgh, PA


I was amazed at the attention to detail and the positive clear intention to create such a healing experience.


Amazing, never expected a more fulfilling experience. I wanted a serene atmosphere, secluded, with all the necessary amenities for comfort: I got just what I wanted.

--Alice, Realtor
Fullerton, California


Through the caring and balanced attitude of the people here, I was relaxed and experienced healing on many levels.

State College, PA


I was so stressed from work that I chose Ayurveda Health Retreat almost as a drowning man would a life rope. I was stressed and in physical and mental pain and desperate. I am amazed at the rejuvenation the past 5 days has given me. I wouldn't have believed so many changes were possible so quickly. I feel reborn and I will definitely be back again and again.

St. Petersburg, FL


A rejuvenating and very nurturing five days. The staff here is very committed to helping guests improve their health and wellbeing.

Portsmouth, NH


Wonderfully attentive Therapists. Superb Vegetarian Cuisine. A beautiful, spiritually nourishing week away. You are a wonderful, gifted group of people. Thank you for the transforming experience.

Ridge Manor, FL


I feel totally blissful and reconnected with my highest self. I feel refreshed alert, empowered and full of loving energy. Keep going and growing you are a blessing to all who cross your path.

Atlantic Beach, FL


The most satisfying part of my visit was that it was just a nice place to get away to where I felt loved and cared for meeting interesting new people. The trip to the Temple of the Universe was the highlight of my trip and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you to all the staff. I feel very rejuvenated and I am ready for 2007

Miramar Beach, FL


My stay was beyond my expectations. The most satisfying part of my visit was the hospitality and availability of everyone.

Sainte-Anne Guadeloupe


It was wonderful therapeutic and rejuvenating, but the best part by far was the people.

Atlanta, GA


For me it was a blessing. What a wonderful way to end a year. I feel brand new and full of energy to glide into the New Year. I felt totally at home and every part was more than satisfying. Richard, this stay was not only healing but also educational, loving, just about everything. A special, special thank you for your wonderful staff members they are so sweet.

Simpson Bay, St. Marten


I would like to bless every member of my family and my dearest friends with the gift that I have received at the Ayurvedic Health Retreat. I intend to include this as one of my yearly rituals.

Concordia, St. Martin


I came here seeking balance and healing. I got so much more! This place is abounding with love, devotion ,healing, understanding, patience, knowledge and wisdom. Excellent, gourmet cuisine. True healing, hospitality and beautiful accommodations.

Port Charlotte, FL


It was a total relaxing experience in a home like environment. The treatments were the ultimate in sensory stimulation. The most satisfying part of my visit was the oil massages and the cooking class.

Tampa, FL


Upon awakening here I felt very cared for catered to and at home. The entire Staff worked with glad hearts and diligently to help me in my journey of discovery. Each segment of the treatment model matched my needs and exceeded in it's outcome. I found deep peace. The challenges given to me by the therapists/instructors were accompanied with real hands on tools to compliment my natural gifts and blended into success. I thank every soul who I have had the highest pleasure of meeting here. Shanti.

Pensacola, FL


The most satisfying part of my visit was the warm loving people that came and went. Also, they let the guest have their own space if needed. It was a warm loving experience that I connected with on many levels.

Riverview, FL


The environment provided a warm tender embrace and the perfect escape from everyday life. The treatments and the food were very satisfying. The whole experience was just what I needed.

Palm Bay, FL


I never imagined I could feel so different in a week (both physically and mentally)! Everyone was so kind and just allowed me to "be!"

Miami, FL


The best thing I have ever done for myself. It was the most wonderful experience of my life.



One of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. The massage was beautiful. I enjoyed feeling all of the kind, caring, and loving energy. Everyone welcomed me with open arms.

Matthuck, NY


My experience was complete in every way. I will hold the days here in my heart forever. I am a better person for having been here. I am grateful to have had it introduced in my life.

Orange Park, FL


The experience was blissful! I felt that my therapists personified the love and care of the Divine Mother. Their gentle, loving approach brought deep healing to my heart.

Portland, OR


I feel rejuvenated and pure. I feel as if I have returned to my true path of health and vitality. Every detail was handled well. Keep up the great work!

Coral Gables, FL


It was a remarkably nourishing experience at all levels of my being. I have been so happy to be given this opportunity to heal, become peaceful and find such enjoyment with myself and others. Mind, body, soul in truth it was.

Dunwoody, GA


Panchakarma: Begins with a prayer--seeking a blessing. Quickly evolves into a deep energizing experience, which culminates in a rich all-inspiring cleansing and renewal. An experience that promotes health, balance and well being. A true Blessing.

--Ed McIntyre, M.D.
High Springs, FL


I was looking for a place to retreat, cleanse and regroup. This was it!

San Francisco, CA


Best Mother's Day gift to myself I could have dreamed of. I am going home with a new outlook and will integrate some things I’ve learned here into my daily life.

Roswell, GA


I have always been grateful for the soul-nourishing gifts of Gainesville and the greater North Central Florida community. The Ayurvedic Health Retreat in Alachua is a true blessing to all of us who love this community: this center for healing relaxation, spiritual communion, and mindful rejuvenation has lifted us even higher. Thank you.

--Joan D. Frosch 
Prof. and Asst. Dir., School of Theatre & Dance
U. of Florida, Gainesville, FL


This is one of the best three days I have ever gifted myself with…and I see the wisdom of the recommendations for 5 to 8 days. Next time…

Albany, GA


I was a lost soul the day I arrived. Within 2 days I was reconnecting and by the end of the week I felt better than I have in many years (both body and mind)! I am leaving with a new awareness as to taking care of myself and enjoying life!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


A completely relaxing, rejuvenating, enjoyable and fun experience, with such lovely, warm and caring therapists. I have learned so much to help me in my new life and adventures and replenishing energy lost in my past.

London, England


People frequently holiday at paradise locations throughout the world experiencing the bliss & divinity of mother earth. However, there is a heaven on earth created by Richard & his staff by virtue of the divinity & bliss of their generosity and humanism & spirit.

Miami, FL


This was a most restful and enriching experience, heightened by the caring and loving therapists and staff. I felt truly special and cared for. Everything was excellent. Thank you!

Temple Terrace, FL


The oil massage was my favorite. All of the therapists were incredibly synchronized and intuitive in their touch. It was an unparallel sensory experience. I felt very well taken care of and left with a sense of joy that was divine!

Rome, GA


An experience of a lifetime! The wonderful staff made the stay so pleasant. I learned more about myself and my place in the world throughout the fantastic treatments and teaching. The massage was the best part.

Decatur, GA


This has been a wonderful experience. I feel calm, clear-headed, and relaxed yet eager to get back to “my old life” with this different state of mind. I loved the whole experience of Panchakarma. I especially loved the morning routine – yoga, smoothie, massage, shower, and kitchari. Thank you all!

Dania Beach, FL


I am a beginner at learning about Ayurveda. Staying here has given me a great foundation to continue reading and learning all there is to know about Ayurveda. Richard and his staff are non-judgmental and make you feel welcomed and seem to enjoy teaching what they are passionate about.

Oldsmar, FL


This was an experience that exceeded my expectations in all ways. I enjoyed the intimacy of a small group and the personalized attention given.

Leawood, KS


The most profoundly healing and learning experience I have ever encountered. I have the energy and the insight to go home and continue practicing. As a nurse practitioner I highly recommend this Retreat. I cannot thank you, Richard, and all of your staff ever enough! I am already planning when and how I can return. I am also anxious to share with my friends all that has happened with me here in this peaceful home.

Oviedo, FL


This is a gentle welcoming environment for the serious student of life desiring transformation by gaining the knowledge and direction to elevate on all levels. The most satisfying part of my visit was the friendly and welcoming nature of everyone. Getting to know Yogini and Chaitanya who accepted me for who I am and what I can offer.

Corpus Christi, TX


It was the most peaceful, relaxing and unique experience and time for me. Not to mention the most needed. The most satisfying part of my visit was the peace, relaxation and learning experience of meditation, yoga and it all was special and unique in its own way.

Crestview, FL


I was cared for by a truly loving and dedicated staff. The retreat is the perfect opportunity to step back from daily life and rejuvenate. The most satisfying part of my visit was the Panchakarma treatments, the peaceful and caring environment at the retreat.

Houston, TX


My tracer unit results were the best ever-perfect-in the nearly 9 years I have been tested. Thanks in great part to Pancha Karma, meditation, healthy diet, yoga etc… This time was optimum, even with the challenge of detoxing through the holiday season. Don’t want to forget the benefits of Reiki healing and other massage/bodywork techniques and acupuncture with limited gentle chiropractic added. We are Source energy after all! Thanks again, Namaste

Palm Coast, FL


The Pancha Karma treatment is the most complete "spa" treatment I have ever encountered. I felt nurtured and blessed body and soul.

--Irene, Marketing Executive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I arrived Friday evening feeling sick confused, afraid. I left the following Friday feeling healthy, clear, and strong. What more can I say!

--Ellyn, Journalist
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I became calm and clear headed. My depression and anxiety seemed to leave. I learned new things that I will use to help me in my life.

--Rich, Construction
Sarasota, Florida


An amazingly nurturing environment of warmth and light, kind listening, calming smells, assuring touch, and good food. Ayurveda was just a word to me before; now it embodies a sense of gentle and whole consideration which restores hope. This is a gift not just for me, but also for the family I return to.

--Rosanne, Homemaker
Pensacola, Florida


On Monday, I felt tired, cold and stiff. By Wednesday I was limbered up enough to enjoy tubing down the Ichetuchnee River. By the end of the week I felt lighter, more energized and optimistic than I've been since my 1st visit last year. The best part is feeling like part of your family/community while I'm here.

Jacksonville, FL


I was going through a very big life transition and this was very soothing and grounding. Thanks for the great energy and healing work.

--Gray, Massage Therapist
Melbourne, Florida


After years of searching for "quick fixes" to feel better, I am genuinely better, and I have learned how to care for myself.

--Pat, Mortgage Broker
Tampa, FLorida


I enjoyed the comfort and privacy of my room with private bath, a very high standard of ayurvedic treatments, healthy meals, comfortable accommodations and friendly knowledgeable staff.

Laguna Hills, CA


Absolutely awesome! I feel rejuvenated and ready to go back to my world.

--Pauline, Business Owner
Ontario, Canada


My experience at the Ayurveda Health Retreat was a peaceful and uplifting time for my body, mind and soul. The food, the lifestyle, yoga, the people and the treatments were exactly what I needed at this time. They were thought provoking and life changing. Thank you!

Kissimee, FL